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Environment and Nature

2023 UAE Spotlight

Welcome to duke+mir’s report on Environment Action in the UAE. This is our second major report, looking at the behaviours, actions and insights that shape the region we call home. With significant events such as COP28 being held in the UAE, as well as widescale initiatives to drive positive environmental impact, we wanted to gauge real-world perspectives from the individuals that live and work in our communities.

We were delighted to receive such positive feedback about our first in-depth research report (UAE - Life and Technology) in the first quarter of 2023 and pleased that it has helped to encourage debate about topics which really matter. We hope this report also provides some talking points around the breakfast table or with friends in the coffee shop.

Most importantly, we are honoured to have received contributions to this report from leading experts who have spared their valuable time and insights. Our thanks to Fatma Abdulla Ibrahim Al Khayat for her specialist insight into urban planning.

Thank you for taking the time to read this report. We hope it provides a fresh take that you can apply to your everyday lives.

The numbers that matter


Out of 10 UAE respondents think that humans will just find technological solutions and adapt to global warming


Out of 10 UAE respondents use recycling bins and facilities regularly to have a positive impact on the environment


Out of 10 UAE respondents live within 15 minutes of a public park and public transport (metro, bus or tram station)

Download the full report

Download Entertainment and Sports Part one - 2024 UAE Spotlight

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