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Life and Technology

2023 UAE Spotlight

For every article you read about the benefits of working from home, you'll find another suggesting burnout and stress. For every blog quoting definitive data about how people want to embrace technology, there's another outlining how the same technology is disrupting their lives.

It's difficult for people to truly know what is relevant and where the biases are. There are plenty of quoted statistics and facts – but the deeper you trawl, many of them are put together by businesses that have a vested interest in the outcomes and a lack of independence in the surveying process.

This is one of the reasons that we decided to investigate topics using proprietary data, collected and collated in the UAE, to provide an independent, unbiased view on important topics. We worked with YouGov to survey more than 1,000 people across the UAE to understand more about what they are really thinking and feeling.

This spotlight aims to provide impartial perspective on lifestyles and technology, specifically whether people in the UAE are able to achieve work-life balance, how mobile phones affect certain aspects of our lifestyle and if we're ready for the changing face of technology in the workplace.

The numbers that matter


Out of 10 UAE respondents agree that it is harder ot separate work and personal time due to technology


Out of 10 people in the UAE wish that their family and friends spend less time on their

phone when they are with them


Out fo 10 people in the UAE are fearful that their job will be replaced by Al or robots in the next 10 years

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