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disrupting the sports model pt.2


casual gamer or professional athlete?


In Part 1, we investigated how humans have deployed technology in traditional sports, from football and tennis to cricket and F1. In this edition, we explore examples where technology is the vital basis of the sport; where virtual meets reality. We discover how it’s not just pro gamers that have identified an opportunity for making serious money in eSports. And, we look at how virtual versions of sport could be coming to an Olympic Games sooner rather than later.


digital niche or investment opportunity?

According to Newzoo, it is projected that the global games live-streaming audience will reach over 728 million people in 2021 – this comprises eSports and general game live streaming across all platforms. Specifically, eSports makes up 474 million people, of which around half are avid enthusiasts. It’s a growing audience too at around 8.7% per year.


In certain parts of the developing world these rates are higher - the fastest eSports growth is in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region at 15.1%. It is clear that there is a major monetizing opportunity for content creators in the esports realm and so far, they have only just scratched the surface. For venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, investing in the very infrastructure of the industry could be a smart play call in the long run.

Whether it’s money or medals, esports has come a long way and is trending upwards. 

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