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disrupting the sports model pt.1


sport around the world is in a state of flux


When architects and developers were drawing up plans for this generation’s great sporting stadia, few could have imagined these vast modern-day colosseums sitting dormant. Schedules for weekly games and matches, off-season concerts and festivals, even conferences and exhibitions, were torn to shreds
by Covid-19. Even those stadia that have managed to put on events, have struggled with reduced crowd capacities and logistical challenges of coordinating safe matches for participants.


It raises the question of what truly defines a sport? Is it physical exertion to defeat an opponent in competition? Is it the ability to create an exciting spectacle through rivalry? Both? Implementing technology in sports has the capability to amplify or dampen how close a contest is and create or destroy rivalries.

For the purposes of this report, we’ll divide our analysis into two parts. In Part 1, we investigate Humans Using Technology in Sport, while in Part 2, we’ll look at the rise of Virtual Sports, such as eSports and algorithm simulations.

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