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big data control pt.2

impact for brands

and consumers


internet, metaverse and new technology lifestyles

In Part 1, we explored how changes to data privacy and content consumption are changing how brands interact with consumers through marketing channels.


In this continuation, we will look at the battle for the internet itself, rocket into space and dive into the metaverse, and look at how technologies are affecting and perhaps even controlling our lifestyles.


lives and lifestyles in the palm of a few hands

While the internet conundrum still has many years to play out, one aspect of big tech is already upon us. Every day we carry devices and wear technology that tracks our movement, logs who we interact with and collects thousands of data points about us. In many ways, our devices often know more about us than we know about ourselves.


But where does the line stop for big tech’s collection of data and the impact on our lives? Have we crossed it already?

As our lives are increasingly more dependent and forced into the digital sphere (and potentially into the metaverse), our digital selves and our reality are becoming blurred. For big tech businesses, our online data actions are more valuable than our real world actions.

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