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Entertainment and Sports Part 2

2024 UAE Spotlight

In Part I of this study, we found that the UAE is a work-hard, play-hard place. In Part 2, our research found that 68% of UAE residents watch sports at home and 66% play sports every single week. Various global research studies have concluded that watching sports has a strong correlation with social health and physical activity. Broadly, it found that consuming sports media led to a stronger likelihood of engagement and participation. In addition, it found that using a variety of media channels increased that effect. It is therefore interesting to find that people in the UAE who watch sports are more likely to participate in playing sports. Every week, 79% of people who watch live TV matches also play sport. And, 84% of people who go to watch sports at live venues, also participate in weekly sporting activity. This report investigates what sporting events are appealing across the screens and how you get bums in seats for live sporting events in the region. We hope it’s practically helpful for those organising events and looking to market their sports extravaganzas across the UAE and GCC.

Download and read the full report.

2024 Ent+Sports P2
Download PDF • 11.01MB

The numbers that matter


Out of 10 (81%) UAE respondents engage with sport every week


Out of 10 (66%) UAE respondents watch live sports on TV


Out of 10 (37%) UAE respondents watch a live sporting event in-person

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