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understanding non-verbal communication in a world of remote relationships

The NFL television series, ‘Hard Knocks’, goes behind-the-scenes of American Football teams. In a recent episode, the head coach of the LA Rams, Sean McVay, says how difficult it is for him to communicate with his players during Covid, because they can’t see his facial expressions through his surgical style face mask which obscures his mouth. He decides to switch to a clear face shield visor instead, so that he can communicate better and so that his players can pick up on his emotions.


It demonstrates how important non-verbal communication is.


Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire/Getty

70% of how we interpret conversations is due to non-verbal comms


We’re talking about things like gestures, body language, posture, facial expressions, even what people are wearing and how close they stand or sit next to you. With social distancing and remote working, a whole world of non-verbal comms has transformed and been reimagined.


Non-verbal communication is the primary means of communicating emotion. Over the past few months, we’ve been using video calls and there’s a reason why this technology has been adopted, instead of a simple conference call. The obvious reason is to see each other. But, understanding WHY that’s important underlines the importance of non-verbal communication when interacting with our teams, our colleagues and our partners. There is a desire to see what people look like and to read their emotions and expressions.

practical advice for non-verbal communication

To understand how we can use non-verbal communication effectively, we must look at the different types. Here’s some practical help to sharpen up your non-verbal communication game. To access the white paper, fill in your details below. 

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