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generation reset


mono, mass or multi. how about a bit of everything?

Every generation that has come, gone and yet to arrive has been interlinked with the exponential growth of technology. Not only has this had an effect on economic growth and making the world a smaller and more connected place, but also deeply contributed to shaping society, its participants and their identities.


A few decades ago, brands and their marketers bid farewell to mass trends accelerated by an increasing fragmentation of consumer needs and habits. Fueled by mass media, the internet, manufacturing automation and technology adoption – consumption shifted to where the customer was truly king.


why do people like us do things like this?


As we near the end of a year punctuated by the global pandemic, this report will look at three pillars that have shaped how and what we communicate as a society – identity, media and culture. More importantly, how the current ecosystem of influence for millennials and Gen Z audiences continue to change the way they view the world and their place within it.

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