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generation data


the GCC has a phenomenally young population


Around 60% of people in the region are under the age of 30. From politics, to economics, from social and cultural change, to environmental viewpoints and perspectives, the way that the GCC’s youth in 2020 look at the world is very different to the generations before.There is nothing dramatic or surprising in this – every generation tends to impact the world in different ways.

the challenge for marketers


​While there are many shared characteristics across age brackets, the subtle differences in knowing your core age demographics, can shape and adapt how a marketer can utilise technology and techniques to attain value and return.

Most businesses are aware that data collection and usage is key to trust and transparency with their customers. However, Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Z share something in common – an intense scrutiny on how their data is being used. With so much data at their fingertips, businesses must consider how to collect, use and store this information.

duke+mir explore how data can be ethically mined, used and integrated into communication strategies to engage and interact with different age groups and personas. 

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Are you a brand seeking insightful and ethical data to engage with your customers in the GCC?

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