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through downturns

and pandemics


why communication is critical in difficult times

From the Global Financial Crisis to Covid-19, the team at duke + mir has assisted global businesses and SMEs through difficult times. But why is communication so important when there are many other business decisions to think about? The answer is that communication threads through every strand of a business.

How are team members interacting? What messages do your customers see and hear? How are you keeping your shareholders informed?


Customers have a wide range of competitors to choose from. So, can your business afford not to invest in its communications?


good communication starts internally.


Let’s get social. According to the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), 72 percent of businesses use social technologies, with most focusing on how they reach the end consumer. But actually, social tools are super effective at communicating amongst your own teams.


The same study found that productivity can be improved by up to 25 percent by using data sharing and social technology. We probably all ping thoughts and ideas to each other in an instant via WhatsApp. But does your business also have a hub where anyone can access content about the business?

In fact, it’s not just productivity that is on the line – it’s also your own team’s mental health. A report by The Economist found that more than half of employees felt poor internal communication created additional stress in their roles. And if there’s one thing we don’t need more of during a pandemic, it’s stress!

practical advice for effective messaging

How can you implement better internal and external communication? We have outlined a simple guide to help you. To access the white paper, fill in your details below. 

Need help with defining your communications strategy? That’s where we come in.

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