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the power of

no information

a collective of dxb creatives wanted to test a hypothesis. tired and weary of being sold nights out, lackluster experiences and pretty much business as usual - they set out to test the opposite. if no one knew what they were going to, would they still show up?

a group of friends get together, as they do on the weekend after a week of work over drinks. some new to dubai and others native. feeling uninspired, they pondered whether they could put something together - a night out that they would want to go to. a resounding yes followed by a another round of drinks leads them to a foundational truth - this event needs to sound, look and feel like the exact opposite of every other night out in dubai.

they pooled together a measly sum of 3,000 dirhams. the motivation - better spend it on this and fail than go to another brunch, club or staycation. excited by the opportunity, they sat down to decipher the market, their audience and the competition out there. one just has to pick up a local magazine to see pages with endless columns of information packed hooks, ‘creative’ tag lines, attractive offers and big names to lure an ever indulgent population of tiring patrons. 

the group, most of them working in pr and marketing agencies, are conditioned to the follow the line and achieve communications success for their customers. get all the information, package and disseminate to the masses. with so much competition and so many options, who really cares. they questioned this notion and proposed an alternative. they would set out to do the opposite.

what followed was refreshingly remarkable to say the least...

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