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redefining spaces for home, work and play in the future 

The home is no longer just the place you relax. It has also become an office away from work. For some, working at home is nothing new. For others, it’s been enforced and accelerated by the effects of Covid-19. A recent survey in the United Arab Emirates found that nearly eight out of 10 people expect to be working from home more regularly, even after working restrictions are lifted. Businesses must plan for continued remote work and how they can maximise productivity with dispersed teams and varied resources.


Whether it’s enforced or chosen, more people are working from home than ever before. This raises some intriguing questions for businesses - do we need an office? Actually, 66% of people still prefer working in an office or fixed workplace, but what that space looks like is changing rapidly. 


duke+mir investigate how work is merging and intertwining with lifestyle choices, and how corporate organisations must address the needs of their teams through their real estate choices. In an evolving urban architecture, where people choose to locate will be driven as much by the transport required to get there, as the facilities within the space.

How can you future-proof your communications strategy to speak to the evolving needs of your customer? We have outlined key themes to help you. To access the white paper, fill in your details below. 

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