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art restart


Art 2050 – where do we start?

Have you ever wondered what art will look like in 30 years? Will it even remotely resemble the art ecosystem we know today? What sort of trends will dominate the scene? What about the influence of innovative technology or the accelerated evolution of art galleries and museums?


Will traditional art forms, such as painting or sculpture, be increasingly forgotten – out of sight and out of mind?


Is art meant to make you feel or think?


Defining the purpose of art is impossible because art is many things to many people. Some say art’s purpose is to evoke feelings, while others say it’s to cause deep thinking.

Technology plays an important role in disseminating content to the masses. Not only is technology enabling artists to showcase their art to millions through various channels, but it’s also providing artists with mediums to create more immersive artistic experiences. These experiences initiate more interest in art, which in turn encourages artists to create more experiences: a reinforcing cycle. We dive deep into a limitless future world to examine how technology could allow artists to create enhanced, more immersive art.

Navigating the future through innovation triggers

What sort of remarkable art forms will emerge in upcoming decades? What will artists actually do? We turn to predictive tools such as the Gartner Hype Cycle, where we can start to map the emerging technologies and trends that could enter mainstream society over the next decade or two.

This issue is covered in four sections that looks at art through a hyper futuristic lens in order to learn more about the evolution of the industry and how it will come to define and shape our culture as humans.

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