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above the influence


Will the aesthetics and values of our culture change?

In the months following the global outbreak of covid-19, the crisis has stalled economies, industries and disrupted our daily routines. What was initially and lazily coined ‘the new normal’ - a term that was meant to encompass everything from decline in consumer demand, travel restrictions and unprecedented unemployment as the direct impact of this crisis.


We take a look at what’s going on backstage in people homes as they are locked down and living life through their screens, particularly young luxury consumers.


Value from values. Inspiration to actualization

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an emergent value system being born in self-isolated apartments across the world: one that is focused on the essentials, allergic to hype, and, perhaps surprisingly, very optimistic about the future. interestingly, this immunity to classic desirability-drivers seems to extend way beyond crisis mode, and into a new generational approach to the world.

Although youth culture has become less anti-consumerist than ever before, it seems that new luxury consumers are taking stock of what they’ve accrued in a lifetime of chasing clout. The new journey is a process of separating value from values, wants from needs, entertainment from enlightenment.

Quantifying what matters

Successful brands no longer speak to, but rather through, their audience. While social listening and search metrics show the dynamics of trends from a top line perspective, the understanding on the frontlines of culture is that in the luxury landscape, the next big thing is designed by consumer choices, not luxury houses.

This issue is covered in three sections that looks at hype immunity as a result of the pandemic, desirability shift for young luxury consumers and cultural pioneers that are changing the landscape. 

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